Top 10 Online Money Earning App Without Investment

Know the best online money earning app without investment, From my personal experience I will let you know what are the best money-earning apps for you in 2024.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Using Money Earning App

● Prior to registering, conduct comprehensive research on the money earning applications and review user feedback and comments.

● Carefully scrutinize the Terms and Conditions of money earning applications.

● Remain cautious of applications that request an initial fee, as authentic money earning applications typically provide free membership.

10 Best Online Money Earning App Without Investment 2024


EarnKaro stands out as one of the most accessible online platforms for earning money. Over time, it has proven to be advantageous for numerous individuals, including students, homemakers, and those seeking part-time opportunities, offering unparalleled earning potential.

An exceptional feature of EarnKaro is its requirement of zero initial investment for participation. Users can swiftly commence their journey with the app by discovering deals from renowned brands and sharing them within their social circles.

Notably, EarnKaro facilitates the promotion of leading retailers such as Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Mama Earth, Adidas, among others. Users stand to earn commissions each time a purchase is made through their affiliate link.

Pocket Money

Pocket Money presents an opportunity to augment your income through discovering lucrative offers, undertaking tasks, viewing videos, and engaging in tombola games.

With a vast user base, the platform has enabled millions to accrue free mobile recharges valued at significant sums.

According to statements from the developers, active participation on the app can yield earnings up to ₹7000.

Pocket Money proves to be a viable choice for individuals aiming to offset expenses such as bills, movie tickets, and transportation fares.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google defies skepticism surrounding survey-based earnings with its legitimate and user-friendly method through the ‘Google Opinion Rewards app.

Users can earn by simply downloading the app from the Play Store and providing initial information about themselves to Google.

Subsequently, they can expect to receive monthly surveys with notifications, which typically credit $1 to their Play Store account upon completion.

The ‘Google Opinion Rewards app’ offers a transparent and trustworthy platform for individuals to monetize their thoughts and experiences.

This innovative approach underscores Google’s commitment to providing genuine earning opportunities, effectively transforming routine tasks into financial gains.


  • Short, straightforward surveys covering a variety of topics can result in monetary rewards.
  • Payment options include PayPal cash for iOS users and Google Play credits for Android users.
  • Earnings can be used to purchase games, movies, books, applications, and other content from Google Play and other stores.
  • Google, as a reputable and trustworthy corporation, administers the surveys.


  • Survey frequency and consistency may vary, potentially resulting in infrequent opportunities.
  • Some surveys may offer low payouts.
  • PayPal money or Google Play credits earned may have expiration dates.
  • Users may encounter bugs or technical issues when using the software.


BankSathi empowers individuals to become financial influencers among their peers, offering guidance to alleviate the burden of academic fees.

By sharing a diverse array of financial products available on the platform, users can effortlessly earn commissions without requiring a financial advisor license.

Joining BankSathi not only transforms one’s financial journey but also serves as inspiration to others.

The app features a comprehensive range of financial products from prominent Indian and international banks, including ICICI Bank, SBI, HDFC, IDFC First, Bank of Baroda, American Express, among others.

These products are categorized into six types: credit cards, savings accounts, personal loans, demat accounts, credit lines, and mutual funds.

Upon registration, users can begin earning income through referrals, with payments credited to their in-app wallet every Friday.

This convenient weekly payment system, coupled with the absence of certification requirements, makes BankSathi an ideal choice for students. Withdrawals from the wallet to a bank account can be initiated with just one tap, offering seamless access to earned income.


Meesho emerges as an ideal choice for individuals in search of a platform tailored for selling physical products.

This Indian-based application offers a user-friendly experience at no cost, rendering it accessible to a diverse range of users, including homemakers, part-time workers, and students.

Users can delve into reselling everyday essentials like groceries, clothing, and footwear on the platform.

While Meesho ensures security and offers various payment options, users must actively promote the products within their social circles to attract more orders.

Upon receiving orders from customers, Meesho takes charge of the intricacies associated with shipping and handling, streamlining the process for sellers.


To effectively monetize a YouTube channel, creators have an array of revenue streams at their disposal. A key avenue is the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which facilitates earning revenue through ads showcased on videos.

Eligibility for YPP mandates a minimum of 1,000 subscribers alongside meeting either the 4,000 watch hours criterion within the past year or accumulating 10 million public Short views within the last 90 days.

Upon meeting these thresholds, creators can activate monetization by linking their channel to a Google AdSense account, enabling them to earn a portion of the advertising revenue generated from their content.

Furthermore, creators can boost their earnings by crafting compelling, high-quality content tailored to their audience’s preferences.

Consistency in uploading content, investment in superior video equipment to enhance production quality, diligent application of SEO techniques for heightened discoverability, and strategic promotion of affiliate links and branded merchandise serve to diversify revenue streams and optimize earnings potential on the YouTube platform.


Upwork stands out as a premier platform for earning real money, facilitating connections between freelancers and diverse opportunities spanning fields like writing, design, and marketing.

The process begins by creating a profile where individuals can showcase their skills, availability, and desired payment rates.

Subsequently, freelancers can submit proposals for projects, with clients evaluating suitability before extending offers. Each month, users receive a set allocation of ‘Connects’, functioning as credits enabling outreach to potential clients.

Additional Connects can be acquired for a nominal fee, and there are no charges when clients initiate contact with freelancers.

Flexibility in earning methods is provided, allowing individuals to opt for hourly rates or project-based payments, thereby accommodating various preferences in utilizing money earning apps.

Regarding payment options, Upwork offers versatility, enabling freelancers to receive payments through direct bank transfers, wire transfers, Instant Pay, PayPal, and Payoneer.

For specific details concerning associated charges with particular payment methods, users are advised to consult Upwork’s guidelines and policies.


For newcomers to Foap, understanding how to generate income on the platform is essential. As the leading platform for creators of original content, such as photos and videos, Foap serves as the intermediary linking creators with brands seeking unique content.

After signing up, the initial steps involve optimizing one’s profile by adding a profile picture, cover photo, a brief description, and specifying one’s location.

This ensures a professional presentation when brands browse for potential collaborators. Subsequently, creators should focus on building a compelling portfolio by uploading up to four photos and four videos that showcase their skills and creativity.

Brands frequently review portfolios when searching for creators to collaborate with, making it imperative for creators to showcase their best work to attract attention and opportunities.

Further steps involve exploring available missions, akin to creative contests, where creators can participate by uploading photos or videos that align with the mission’s theme.

Careful consideration of mission details is crucial before joining, ensuring a good fit with one’s creative abilities and interests.

Finally, creators should stay vigilant by monitoring their emails and app notifications for updates on brand selections or new opportunities.

By remaining attentive and responsive, creators can maximize their chances of securing collaborations and earning income through Foap’s platform, ultimately turning their creative endeavors into profitable ventures.


The Upstox account offers a convenient 2-in-1 solution, comprising both a trading and demat account. With the trading account, users gain access to prominent stock exchanges such as NSE, BSE, and MCX, while the demat account facilitates the electronic holding of securities like stocks and mutual funds.

Investors can leverage the Upstox account to engage in trading across various asset classes, including stocks, equity derivatives, currency, and commodities.

Additionally, the platform provides the convenience of online mutual fund investment options, whether in lump sum or through systematic investment plans (SIP).

Upstox extends its offerings through a Partner Program, allowing individuals or companies to become sub-brokers and earn commissions by referring customers.

Partners can earn through two primary avenues: a portion of the brokerage paid by their referrals and incentives when referrals open an Upstox account.

Notably, the program is inclusive, welcoming individuals and entities without the need for physical offices or infrastructure. Website owners, YouTube channel operators, bloggers, among others, can also participate as partners.

Importantly, the program offers partners autonomy, devoid of targets or sales pressure, while providing a user-friendly online portal for tracking earnings and managing clients.


Fiverr stands out as a dynamic marketplace offering a platform for individuals worldwide to sell their services starting from $5.

The array of services available on Fiverr is incredibly diverse, ranging from logo design and transcripts to video creation, backlinks, and even unique offerings like personalized videos or skydiving sign-holding.

With a plethora of gigs available, there truly is something for everyone, making Fiverr an accessible avenue for both sellers and buyers alike.

The platform’s versatility extends to encompass various categories, including business promotion, social networking, advertisement, graphic design, and translations, among others.

These offerings, termed as “GIGS” on Fiverr, cater to the diverse needs of users seeking services and expertise.

Whether individuals are looking to promote their businesses, enhance their social media presence, or acquire specialized skills, Fiverr provides a centralized marketplace where sellers can showcase their talents and buyers can access a wide range of services.

As a result, Fiverr serves as a gateway for individuals globally to engage in online commerce, offering a straightforward and accessible means to both earn and spend money.


Pollpe offers individuals a unique avenue to monetize their opinions through surveys and polls while fostering engaging discussions on various topics.

Through personalized survey invites based on demographic and interest data, users can earn tangible rewards upon completion, adding a financial incentive to their contributions.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Pollpe streamlines the survey-taking process, ensuring efficient participation and providing users with a platform to share their insights for market research purposes.

Distinguishing itself with its seamless earning opportunities, Pollpe eliminates the need for cumbersome registration procedures, offering a hassle-free experience for users to begin earning simply by downloading the app.

Moreover, the platform’s diverse range of categories spanning entertainment, sports, politics, and lifestyle enables users to engage with topics aligned with their interests, fostering a sense of relevance and engagement.

Additionally, Pollpe empowers users by allowing them to create their own polls and invite friends to participate, enhancing the interactive nature of the app.

Despite its strengths, Pollpe’s exclusivity to Android users presents a limitation, potentially alienating iOS and Windows users from accessing its benefits.

Furthermore, while the minimum payout threshold of Rs. 50 incentivizes participation, it may require some patience to accumulate earnings.

Additionally, occasional technical glitches or bugs may detract from the overall user experience, suggesting areas for improvement to enhance the app’s functionality and reliability.


Despite the numerous benefits associated with money-earning apps, there exist certain drawbacks that warrant consideration.

Unlike conventional businesses, these apps lack the assurance of consistent payment or long-term stability. Not all apps maintain legitimacy some may fail to fulfill their promises or operate as scams.

Furthermore, certain apps offer minimal payouts, necessitating a considerable amount of time and effort to accumulate earnings worthy of cashing out.

In summary, money-earning apps present a viable avenue for individuals to supplement their income without the need for initial investment.

Whether seeking to economize on routine expenditures, engage in online surveys, or undertake minor tasks, an array of apps caters to diverse needs. Nonetheless, it is imperative to acknowledge the potential pitfalls and conduct thorough research prior to app enrollment to ascertain legitimacy and reputation.

By exercising prudence and diligence, users can maximize the benefits of these platforms and secure additional income with ease.

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