What is IDBI Customer ID? Know Your IDBI Bank Customer ID

In this article you will learn what is IDBI Customer ID and how to find it, I will also share my experience where I have tried so many methods and figured out some easy and simple methods to find the Customer ID of IDBI Bank

What is IDBI bank Customer ID?

The acronym IDBI represents the “Industrial Development Bank of India,” and its Indian base is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Specializing in financial and banking services, IDBI enhances customer convenience by offering online net banking facilities.

Upon opening an account with IDBI Bank, various details and numbers, such as account number and IFSC code, are provided. Among these, the IDBI bank CIF number stands out as a unique identifier assigned to each customer.

The activation of IDBI Internet and mobile banking hinges significantly on the utilization of the Customer ID, a unique identifier assigned to each account holder by the bank. This distinctive Customer ID serves as a reference point for verifying both personal and account details.

In cases where a customer maintains multiple accounts with the same bank, these accounts are linked to a singular Customer ID, facilitating streamlined future references. Activating Internet Banking independently requires the submission of the essential Customer ID.

It’s important to note that the Bank Customer ID is distinct from the Bank Account Number, although it is commonly linked to the account of the bank’s customer.

How to get IDBI Customer ID Easy Methods?

1. Check IDBI Bank Customer ID Via Net Banking

Accessing Internet banking is the go-to hub for availing all services from the bank. The following steps guide you in discovering your Customer ID.

Step 1: Navigate to the official IDBI Bank website and proceed to log in.

Access the Personal Banking Login Page at https://inet.idbibank.co.in, and enter your Login ID and Password, along with the provided Security Code to log in securely.

Step 2: Access the Profile or Account Section.

Once you’ve chosen the relevant account number within your profile, your Customer ID, along with a comprehensive overview of the account, will be readily visible.

2. Get IDBI’s Customer ID through Passbook

This is the simplest approach to obtain your Customer ID effortlessly. Upon opening an account with IDBI Bank, you receive a bank account passbook where all transactions are recorded.

On the front page of your passbook, your Customer ID is prominently displayed. Just refer to your passbook to easily locate and note down your Customer ID.

3. Get the IDBI Customer ID Welcome Letter

Upon the successful opening of an IDBI bank account, a welcome letter containing vital information, including your Customer ID, account number, name, and other details, will be sent to the customer’s provided email address.

4. How to know Customer ID IDBI bank through Cheque Book

Upon the successful opening of an IDBI bank account, a welcome letter containing vital information, including your Customer ID, account number, name, and other details, will be sent to the customer’s provided email address.

5. How to get IDBI’s Customer ID through account Statement

Your account statement captures transactional activities, presenting account-related information prominently at the statement’s outset. Positioned at the top, customers can readily identify their Customer ID on the bank statement.

6. Know the Customer ID of IDBI bank by contacting Customer Care

● Dial 1800 209 4324 to reach IDBI Bank Customer Care.

● Specify your preferred language for interaction.

● Navigate through the IVR options to connect with a customer care executive.

● Inform the executive of your intent to retrieve your IDBI Bank account Customer ID.

● Complete a brief account verification by responding accurately to the executive’s questions.

● Following successful verification, the executive will furnish you with your ID.

7. Check IDBI Customer ID in Bank Documents

If you have documents related to your Bank account; For example, a welcome letter or account opening documents. Your Bank customer ID may also be given in these documents.

8. Know IDBI Customer ID by visiting the Bank Branch

1. Make a visit to your designated IDBI Bank branch.

2. Ensure you have either your Aadhaar Card or PAN Card as proof of identity.

3. Engage in a conversation with the bank representatives, specifying your need to retrieve your ID.

4. Share your bank account number with the officials.

5. Display your chosen identity proof, and the officials will guide you through the process of finding your ID.

IDBI bank customer care number

Contact IDBI Bank’s phone banking service by dialling either of the toll-free numbers, 1800-209-4324 or 1800-22-1070. For international calls, dial +91-22-67719100 (standard call charges will apply).

IDBI bank balance check number

To inquire about your IDBI Bank balance, you can use any of the following toll-free numbers: 1800-209-4324, 1800-200-1947, or 1800-22-1070. For mini statements, dial 18008431133.


How can I find the Customer ID of IDBI Bank?

You can find the customer ID on Passbook’s first page, chequebook, bank account statement and other bank documents.

Is the customer ID and Bank Account Number the same?

No, both are different, Each client receives a specific identifier known as the customer ID from the bank but the account number is different.

IDBI customer ID by SMS?

Telebanking services provided by IDBI Bank cater to balance inquiries and mini-statements, allowing users to conveniently register or de-register for toll-free services. However, it’s worth noting that IDBI Bank currently does not offer an SMS facility for obtaining your customer ID.

What is the customer ID in IDBI Bank?

The Customer ID serves as a distinct identification number specifically allocated to each bank customer. This unique identifier plays a crucial role in distinguishing and tracking the account transactions and associated information of the bank account holder.

How to get the customer ID of IDBI Bank Online?

You can get a Bank customer ID Online by net banking. Detailed steps are in the article above.


By these easy methods, you can find your IDBI bank’s Customer ID, If you try these methods one by one you will definitely get your Customer ID from at least one method.

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