List of Best Earning App Without Investment

If you want to know the best earning app without investment then i will tell you the best earning apps in india from which you can earn money without investment, lets see

Keep these things in Mind while Earning Money Through these Apps?

Before you sign up for any app, make sure you do your homework. Take the time to check out what other people are saying about it in the reviews and comments.

Also, give the Terms and Conditions a good read-through so you know exactly what you’re getting into. And be careful if any app tries to charge you upfront – most legit ones won’t ask for any money to join.

How Earning App works?

Affiliate programs, cashback rewards, gaming apps for real money, and referral schemes are all examples of applications that can boost your earnings. Moreover, the diverse strategies employed by each app to engage with users contribute to the intense competition in this sector.

Many of these income-generating apps utilize a system of user loyalty to incentivize active engagement. Additionally, the core principle shared by most real money earning apps is to motivate users to earn income by completing designated tasks.

As a user, you hold the authority to determine how you want to use the earnings acquired through these real money earning apps. You can opt to deposit them directly into your bank account, transfer them to platforms like Paytm or other e-wallets, or convert them into gift cards.

However, it’s important to note that the redemption process may vary across different money-earning apps in the realm of daily income generation.

Best Earning App Without Investment in 2024

1. EarnKaro – Your pathway to earning money effortlessly through referrals and affiliate marketing.

EarnKaro emerges as a user-friendly online platform for earning money. It has served numerous students, homemakers, and part-time workers by offering lucrative earning avenues.

What’s particularly enticing is its no-investment requirement for enrollment, allowing you to dive right in. Getting started on EarnKaro is straightforward – simply browse through deals from popular brands and share them with your network of friends and family.

Through EarnKaro, you can promote renowned retailers such as Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Mama Earth, Adidas, and others, earning commissions for every purchase made through your affiliate link.

Here’s a guide on earning with the EarnKaro app:

  1. Download EarnKaro from the Google Play Store.
  2. Register using your email or phone number.
  3. Share deals or generate customized links for products you want to promote.
  4. Distribute your affiliate links among your contacts.
  5. Withdraw your earnings, beginning from as low as ₹10.

2. Pocket Money – Earn rewards easily through tasks, cashback, and referrals.

Pocket Money offers an avenue to supplement your income through various means such as discovering popular and high-earning offers, fulfilling tasks, watching videos, and participating in tombola games.

With millions of users benefiting from the platform, many have received free mobile recharges worth substantial amounts.

According to the developers, an active user can potentially earn up to ₹7000 through the app. Pocket Money presents itself as a viable option for those looking to cover expenses like bills, movie tickets, and cab rides.

How to earn with the Pocket Money app?

  1. Download apps via Pocket Money to receive cashback rewards.
  2. Explore Featured, Popular, and High Earning offers available on the platform.
  3. Complete specific tasks within apps, such as opening them on specific days and utilizing data.
  4. Explore additional apps through other offerwalls like Appzone and App Gallery for more earning opportunities.
  5. Watch trending and viral videos available in Pocket Videos to earn rewards.
  6. Engage in the Tambola Game feature to earn additional rewards.
  7. Refer others to the app and earn ₹160 daily as a referral bonus.
  8. Benefit from Free Mobile Recharges and unlimited Paytm transfers.
  9. Access all available deals and coupons conveniently in one place within the app.

3. Google Opinion Rewards – Earn Google Play credits by sharing your opinions.

Here’s how it operates: Within this real money earning application, you can accumulate rewards by participating in Google’s Opinion Rewards surveys.

These surveys typically involve answering straightforward questions like selecting preferred logos or indicating advertisement preferences. The rewards you earn are provided as Google Play credits, which can be utilized to download paid applications.

The setup process is designed to be user-friendly, and you can expect to receive surveys regularly, typically on a weekly basis. Within this real money earning application, you have the freedom to select which surveys to participate in and earn rewards accordingly.

It presents a simple and advantageous way to make productive use of your spare time while earning credits for enjoyable app downloads.

Regarding payment, Google Opinion Rewards typically provides rewards in the form of Google Play credits. Users accumulate these credits by taking part in surveys and can exchange them for various paid applications, games, movies, books, or other content accessible on the Google Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards does not facilitate cash payments or direct bank transfers. Instead, it exclusively offers credits usable within the Google Play ecosystem.

4. BankSathi – Earn extra income by promoting financial products to your network.

BankSathi collaborates with multiple banks and credit unions, offering a diverse range of financial products and services for you to promote.

By selling these offerings to your network, including friends and family, you can pave your way to financial success. Kickstart your journey towards additional income effortlessly by registering on this app, following these steps:

● Download the BankSathi app from the Play Store onto your mobile device.
● Sign up by providing essential details such as your email address, photo, pin code, and residential address.
● Upon registration, verify your KYC details by submitting your Adhaar and PAN card numbers, ensuring both are linked to the same mobile number.
● Complete your profile by adding your bank information, as well as professional and educational details.
● Secure your account by setting up an M-PIN, and you’re all set to go.

5. Poll Pay – Take surveys, redeem balance for PayPal, Amazon vouchers.

Poll Pay offers a platform for millions of survey participants to effortlessly cultivate a passive income stream. Individuals worldwide can join Poll Pay, engage in surveys, and reap rewards, including PayPal credit, Amazon vouchers, Xbox and Netflix gift cards, as well as Google Play and iTunes gift cards. With Poll Pay’s robust and secure network, users can anticipate real-time payouts.

How to earn with the Poll Pay app?

  • Register on Poll Pay.
  • Participate in surveys to increase your balance.
  • Exchange your balance for PayPal credits, Amazon vouchers, and a range of gift cards.

6. HealthyWage – Achieve weight loss goals for cash prizes up to $10,000.

This application stands out as among the finest money-earning apps in India, providing both motivation and life-altering prospects.

It presents weight loss and fitness challenges, offering participants the opportunity to compete for prizes exceeding ₹50,000. Users engage by paying a monthly fee, with the prize awarded to the successful participants.

Importantly, even those who don’t win contribute to supporting HealthyWage through their payments. This platform serves as a potent dual-purpose tool, fostering motivation while facilitating earnings during personal life transformations.

How you can earn with the HealthyWage app?

  1. Engage in individual weight loss bets to potentially win up to $10,000.
  2. Form teams of five individuals to compete for cash prizes, with payouts also reaching $10,000.
  3. Reach your weight loss targets to claim a portion of the prize pool.
  4. Utilize step devices to establish personalized goals and unlock rewards.

7. Meesho – Offering quality products and flexible reselling options.

Online Shopping is a cost-free mobile platform highly favored by Indian users as their go-to destination for a wide array of lifestyle brands at wholesale rates.

Users can shop for quality items within their budget or even become sellers themselves, starting an online business with zero investment. Comparable to platforms like Carousell, Lazada, and Flipkart, Meesho offers diverse product categories including fashion, home essentials, and beauty products.

With supplies sourced directly from wholesalers across India, Meesho ensures competitive pricing and offers free shipping with no minimum order value.

Cash on Delivery (COD) is also available. Users appreciate Meesho for its wide product range, social commerce model, flexibility for resellers, quality offerings, and convenient payment and delivery options.

8. Upwork – Upwork provides a versatile platform for freelancers.

Upwork stands as a premier global platform, providing freelancers worldwide with abundant work opportunities across diverse skill domains.

Whether proficient in writing, designing, or programming, individuals can harness Upwork’s robust infrastructure to showcase their talents and engage with prospective clients effortlessly.

Its intuitive interface and secure payment mechanisms ensure a streamlined freelancing experience, allowing professionals to pursue projects aligned with their interests and schedules.

Moreover, Upwork fosters a vibrant community ethos, facilitating networking, skill enhancement, and career advancement for freelancers within its ecosystem.

How to Earn from Upswork App?

  1. Craft a Robust Profile:
    • Register on Upwork and curate a detailed, polished profile.
    • Incorporate a clear profile picture, a compelling title, and a succinct summary highlighting your expertise and experience.
    • Populate your profile with comprehensive details of your employment history, educational background, certifications, and proficiencies.
  2. Validate Your Skills:
    • Validate your expertise by undertaking Upwork’s skill assessments, which authenticate your proficiency across various domains.
    • Clients often prioritize freelancers with verified skill sets when making hiring decisions.
  3. Showcase Your Portfolio:
    • Showcase your prowess by uploading diverse samples of your work, ranging from writing pieces to design projects and coding assignments.
    • Ensure your portfolio reflects the breadth and depth of your capabilities to attract potential clients.
  4. Establish Your Rates:
    • Set your pricing structure based on a thorough assessment of your skills, experience, and prevailing market rates.
    • Choose between hourly rates, fixed project fees, or milestone-based payments to align with your preferences and client expectations.
  5. Explore and Apply for Opportunities:
    • Navigate through Upwork’s job listings to identify roles that align with your skill set and interests.
    • Tailor your proposals for each opportunity, emphasizing your relevant experience and outlining how you can contribute value to the client’s project.
  6. Communicate Professionally:
    • Cultivate clear and effective communication with clients from the outset of the collaboration.
    • Take the time to fully comprehend project requirements and provide regular progress updates to foster transparency and trust.
  7. Deliver Exceptional Work:
    • Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by consistently meeting project deadlines and delivering high-quality outcomes.
    • Client satisfaction is paramount, as positive reviews and ratings can significantly enhance your reputation and prospects on Upwork.
  8. Seek Feedback:
    • Actively solicit feedback and ratings from clients upon project completion to garner insights into your performance and enhance your credibility.
    • Leverage positive reviews to bolster your profile and attract future clients.
  9. Manage Financial Transactions:
    • Utilize Upwork’s secure payment platform to facilitate seamless transactions.
    • Ensure your payment settings are configured accurately to facilitate timely and hassle-free payments.
  10. Cultivate Your Reputation:
    • Consistently deliver outstanding work and uphold professionalism in all interactions.
    • As you accumulate positive feedback and ratings, your reputation and visibility on Upwork will escalate, potentially leading to recurring clients and stable income.

9. Youtube – Unlock revenue opportunities by making YouTube videos.

● Monetizing on YouTube can be achieved through various channels, such as enrolling in the YouTube Partners Program, licensing content to media outlets, participating in affiliate marketing programs, retailing branded merchandise, crowdfunding, or crafting sponsored content.

● Earnings are typically disbursed via Google AdSense on a monthly basis. Elevating your YouTube revenue entails understanding your audience, honing in on a specific niche, and mastering video SEO.

● It’s worth noting that income levels can vary greatly among channels. To optimize your outreach, maintain consistent branding across your content, create compelling thumbnails, and promote your videos on other social media platforms.

How to join the YouTube Partner Program?

To qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to do:

  1. Enable 2-Step Verification for your Google Account.
  2. Ensure compliance with YouTube’s Channel Monetization Policies.
  3. Reside in a country or region where the Program is accessible.
  4. Maintain a clean record with no community guideline strikes against your channel.
  5. Accumulate 4000 public watch hours or more within the past 12 months.
  6. Garner at least 1000 subscribers.
  7. Link your Google AdSense account to your channel.
  8. Undergo review by YouTube before approval.

10. Upstox – Join the Upstox Partner program for lucrative commissions.

If you possess a fundamental understanding of the stock broking industry and aspire to augment your earnings through affiliate marketing, joining the Upstox Partner program presents an ideal opportunity.

Renowned for its excellence in the sub-broker franchise sector, Upstox Partner program boasts a network of over 600 partners, comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds such as technology, education, social influence, and YouTube.

As a partner, you can earn commissions per trade and fixed income for every client account opened using your partner code. With increased trading activity from your referred clients, your potential revenue grows proportionally.

What are the Benefits of joining upstox Partner program?

  1. Backed by prominent industry figures such as GVK Davis, Ratan Tata, and Kalaari Capital, Upstox stands as a robust business entity despite being a recent entrant in the market.
  2. As one of India’s fastest-growing brokerage houses, partners have the opportunity to align their growth with the company’s rapid expansion.
  3. Partners can enjoy an impressive commission rate ranging from 30% to 40%, which is among the highest in the industry for new entrants.
  4. The potential monthly average profit for partners can reach up to Rs. 1,26,000, surpassing even established brokerage firms.
  5. Upstox offers flexible affiliate programs, including partner programs, refer & earn, and sub-brokership, allowing partners to choose according to their budget and preferences.

11. Amazon Associates – Earn commissions with the Amazon Affiliate Program for purchases made within 24 hours.

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate program, providing a special toolbar on upon signup. This toolbar allows users to generate affiliate links for nearly any product sold on Amazon, which can be shared on personal websites or social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Pinterest.

Clicks on these links are tracked using cookies, enabling users to earn a small commission on subsequent purchases made within 24 hours.

The key to maximizing earnings lies in recommending appropriate products to the right audience, with the potential for passive income through websites or blogs.

How Much Can You Make With Amazon Affiliate Program?

The revenue you can generate through the Amazon Affiliate Program hinges on the category of the product sold, with commission rates typically modest, often just a few percent.

However, the program offers distinct advantages. For instance, affiliates earn referral fees for any purchases made within 24 hours of clicking their product links, regardless of whether the purchased items differ from the originally linked product.

This feature capitalizes on the propensity for additional purchases during a single Amazon browsing session.


One of the primary advantages of money-earning applications is their accessibility, as they typically do not necessitate any initial investment. This characteristic makes them appealing to individuals from various income brackets and financial circumstances. Unlike traditional business ventures, there’s no requirement to allocate a significant sum of money upfront to generate income.

Nevertheless, alongside these benefits, there are also notable drawbacks associated with money-earning apps. Due to their non-conventional nature, there’s a lack of assurance regarding payment reliability or the longevity of the application itself.

It’s important to note that not all apps are trustworthy; some may fail to deliver on promised payments or could even be fraudulent. Additionally, earnings from certain apps might be minimal, and accumulating enough funds for withdrawal could take considerable time.

In summary, money-earning apps offer a convenient avenue for earning supplemental income without the need for upfront investment. Whether it involves saving money on routine expenses, participating in online surveys, or completing minor tasks, a plethora of applications cater to diverse needs.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential drawbacks and conduct thorough research before committing to any app, to ensure its legitimacy and reputation. By staying informed and exercising caution, individuals can effectively leverage these apps to augment their earnings.

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