Real Money Earning Websites in India

From these authentic websites, you can earn real money online. If you want to know the best websites in India to earn money then read this.

1. Youtube

Joining the YouTube Partners Program presents an opportunity to generate income through various avenues on the platform.

Through advertising revenue, channel memberships, super chats, super stickers, merch shelves, and YouTube Premium Revenue, creators can monetize their content effectively.

Additionally, participation in the YouTube Shorts Fund and eligibility for Shorts incentives further enhances earning potential.

To qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, a channel must have over 10,000 subscribers and accumulate 4,000 valid public view hours. Once eligibility is met, creators can begin leveraging their content to earn revenue.

Creating diverse content such as tutorials, reviews, gaming videos, and more provides opportunities for monetization. By joining partner programs, creators can earn revenue per view. Moreover, collaborations with brands and engaging in affiliate marketing present additional avenues for income generation.

In essence, by joining YouTube and meeting the eligibility criteria for the Partner Program, creators unlock a multitude of ways to monetize their content and turn their passion into a source of income.

2. Amazon Associates

The Amazon Affiliate Program, also recognized as the Amazon Associates Program, stands as a comprehensive affiliate marketing venture, extending opportunities for website proprietors, publishers, bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators to procure commissions by advocating Amazon products on their platforms.

This initiative enables participants to amass referral fees by directing traffic to Amazon through individually tailored links. Affiliates can then monetize their content by earning commissions on qualifying purchases originating from their referral links.

Furthermore, the program offers access to detailed earnings and traffic analytics, empowering affiliates to monitor performance meticulously and refine strategies for maximal efficacy.

The operational mechanics of the Amazon Affiliate Program are as follows:

  1. Enrollment: Commence your involvement in the program by completing the registration process on the Amazon Associates website.
  2. Acquire Unique Links: Upon successful approval, Amazon furnishes affiliates with exclusive affiliate links, meticulously crafted to track referral activities with precision.
  3. Product Promotion: Disseminate these specialized links across a spectrum of platforms where audience engagement thrives, encompassing websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and social media profiles.
  4. Commission Earnings: Each instance of a user clicking on an affiliate link and subsequently completing a purchase on Amazon results in the affiliate receiving a commission.

Eligibility for the Amazon Affiliate Program hinges on specific criteria:

  • Valid Amazon Account: Enrollment necessitates possession of a valid and active Amazon account.
  • Platform Presence: Affiliates must maintain an active online platform, whether it be a YouTube channel, website, blog, social media account, or mobile application, to facilitate the promotion of Amazon products.
  • Content Integrity: Platforms must adhere to stringent content standards, ensuring the presence of original, publicly accessible content.

3. EarnKaro

Earnkaro revolutionizes the landscape of online earning by presenting a distinctive avenue devoid of any initial financial commitment.

Through the innovative mechanism of affiliate marketing, individuals can enlist as affiliates and unlock opportunities to earn commissions by endorsing products sourced from a myriad of online retailers.

The process entails affiliates crafting bespoke affiliate links tailored to the products they wish to advocate, subsequently disseminating these links across an array of digital platforms including social media, blogs, and messaging apps.

Upon a successful transaction initiated through the affiliate’s exclusive link, a commission is awarded to the affiliate, serving as a testament to their marketing prowess.

Distinguishing itself through a vast network of partner stores and an eclectic assortment of products, Earnkaro empowers affiliates to curate their promotional endeavors in alignment with their target demographics and niche interests, thereby amplifying their earning potential manifold.

In essence, Earnkaro emerges as a trailblazer in facilitating a seamless and lucrative pathway for individuals to harness the power of their social networks and monetize their promotional efforts with unparalleled efficacy.

4. Upwork

Discovering reliable platforms for freelance opportunities can be a daunting task. Upwork, while not a direct employer, serves as a valuable intermediary, connecting freelancers with businesses seeking their services.

A wide spectrum of skills is in demand on Upwork, ranging from editing, writing, graphic design, and web development to ghostwriting, accounting, booking, and consultancy, among many others.

The platform offers flexibility in pricing, allowing freelancers to set their rates and earn income based on the hours dedicated to their work.

To embark on your freelance journey with Upwork, begin by identifying your expertise, crafting a polished profile at no cost, perusing available job listings, and proactively submitting proposals.

Positive client feedback serves as a catalyst for attracting new opportunities and expanding your clientele base, facilitating ongoing success in the freelance arena.

5. PeoplePerHour

Capitalizing on your skills and expertise, platforms like PeoplePerHour provide lucrative avenues for freelancers to earn money online. Begin by crafting a comprehensive profile spotlighting your capabilities and track record.

Navigate through relevant job listings, tailoring persuasive proposals to captivate potential clients. By consistently delivering top-notch work, you can cultivate a stellar reputation and garner positive feedback.

PeoplePerHour facilitates the showcasing of portfolios and the setting of personalized rates. Additionally, you can offer supplementary services and upsells to augment your earnings.

Active engagement within the platform’s community, coupled with meaningful participation in discussions, serves to broaden your professional network. With dedication, professionalism, and a strategic approach, lucrative opportunities abound on PeoplePerHour.


  • Access to global clientele and lucrative assignments.
  • Flexible pricing for freelancers, complemented by fixed prices for businesses.
  • Secure project transactions via Escrow deposits ensure safe transactions.
  • Diverse service categories spanning over 20 niches enable freelancers to find their preferred niche.


  • Competition from freelancers worldwide.
  • Platform fees of 3% per payment and 20% for projects exceeding $300.
  • Potential loss of income in cases of client non-payment or disputes.

6. Etsy India

Etsy India stands out as a dynamic platform offering immense potential for individuals with creative inclinations. Through the establishment of an Etsy shop, artisans can showcase and sell an eclectic range of handmade creations, vintage treasures, and craft supplies.

The platform empowers sellers to personalize their storefronts, set pricing strategies, and leverage marketing tools like SEO optimization and social media integration to expand their reach.

Collaborative initiatives, such as seasonal promotions and cross-selling opportunities, abound on Etsy. By prioritizing quality craftsmanship and exemplary customer service, sellers can cultivate a loyal following and generate income through the platform’s robust marketplace.


  • Etsy boasts a dedicated customer base with a penchant for unique, handcrafted, and vintage items.
  • Shop setup and management are straightforward, requiring minimal technical expertise.
  • Etsy offers valuable resources like SEO guidance, educational materials, and community support to aid sellers in growing their businesses.
  • The platform serves as a valuable testing ground for gauging market demand before scaling operations.


  • Competition from local and global sellers offering similar products may be intense.
  • Etsy’s fees for listing, selling, and payment processing could impact profit margins.
  • The platform’s limitations may constrain branding opportunities and shop customization.

7. Meesho

Meesho stands as an innovative online marketplace, offering individuals the opportunity to initiate a business and earn income through digital channels.

Functioning as a digital intermediary, Meesho connects aspiring entrepreneurs with manufacturers and prospective customers, facilitating a seamless path towards entrepreneurship.

Its diverse product range encompasses fashion, lifestyle, electronics, and home decor, catering to a wide spectrum of consumer preferences.

To embark on the journey of earning money through Meesho, individuals must first register as resellers. Upon registration, they gain access to the Meesho platform, where they can peruse and select products for resale.

Subsequently, resellers employ various channels, including social media and WhatsApp, to promote the chosen products and attract potential customers.

Moreover, resellers can augment their earnings by referring other individuals to join Meesho; upon their purchases, the referring reseller earns a commission. Additionally, resellers have the opportunity to generate income through hosting promotions and contests facilitated by Meesho.

In essence, Meesho offers a dynamic platform for individuals to embark on their entrepreneurial journey, leveraging digital channels to carve out a lucrative business venture and earn money online.

8. Shutterstock

Introducing Shutterstock, an exceptional and lucrative avenue for artists to establish a passive income stream that continues to generate revenue even during periods of rest.

As a global marketplace, Shutterstock provides photographers with the platform to share, sell, and promote their services, thereby unlocking vast earning potential.

With the ability to earn up to 40% on each photo, it comes as no surprise that Shutterstock has disbursed over $1 billion in commissions to creators.

Earnings on Shutterstock vary based on the tier level, which escalates with the sale of more content licenses across photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos.

Critical to note is the necessity for complete ownership of the copyright of content created for Shutterstock. Additionally, all content submitted must be original, ensuring compliance with copyright regulations and maintaining the integrity of the platform.

9. Clarity.FM

Leverage my expertise as a seasoned consultant/advisor on, one of the premier platforms for online money earning. With a robust background in [your industry or niche], I bring extensive industry knowledge and years of experience to the table.

My profile underscores a commitment to providing exceptional guidance and actionable insights to clients seeking advice in [your field]. By setting a competitive rate for phone calls or virtual consultations, I offer clients the opportunity to schedule sessions and tap into my expertise on-demand.

With, clients can expect invaluable insights tailored to their specific needs, aimed at driving tangible results in their endeavors.

By fostering a reputation for delivering high-quality advice and maintaining a client-centric approach, I strive to build lasting relationships and attract repeat clients.

My proactive approach to marketing services, active participation in the community, and dedication to garnering positive reviews contribute to enhancing visibility and credibility on the platform.

With, I not only monetize my skills but also contribute to the professional growth and success of those seeking expert guidance.


Empower others with specialized expertise and guidance.
Flexibility to set personalized rates and earn compensation for each consultation.
Opportunity to expand professional network and establish industry authority.
Arrange consultations around personal availability and schedule.


Competition from experts with similar or lower rates may pose challenges.
Addressing negative reviews and managing client expectations effectively is crucial.
Initial wait time for approval as an expert and sporadic call volume may impact immediate earnings.

10. Chegg India

Chegg India stands out as a reputable platform for online earning, primarily focused on online tutoring and academic assistance.

As a tutor on Chegg India, individuals have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one tutoring sessions with students across a wide array of subjects, spanning mathematics, science, languages, and more.

By effectively showcasing their qualifications and expertise within their profiles, tutors can attract students seeking assistance with their academic endeavors.

In addition to tutoring, Chegg India offers avenues for tutors to contribute to student learning by answering questions, providing step-by-step solutions, and enriching study resources.

Tutors are duly compensated for their time and knowledge, offering educators and subject matter experts a means to earn income on a daily basis.

With flexible schedules and the ability to work remotely, Chegg India provides a platform for tutors to not only earn money but also make a meaningful impact on students’ academic success.

11. Udemy

Being among the renowned money-earning websites, Udemy offers lucrative opportunities for instructors through its online learning platform.

Instructors can craft and publish their own courses spanning a wide spectrum of topics, encompassing business, technology, personal development, and hobbies.

By imparting their knowledge and expertise, instructors attract students who enroll in their courses.

Udemy operates on a revenue-sharing model wherein instructors earn a percentage of the course fees paid by students.

Additionally, instructors can capitalize on Udemy’s marketing tools and promotional campaigns to amplify their reach and engage a larger audience.

With its global presence and user-friendly course creation platform, Udemy empowers instructors to generate income by disseminating their skills and expertise to learners worldwide.


  • The opportunity to teach any topic of personal expertise to a global audience.
  • Set course fees and earn a percentage of sales, augmented by Udemy’s marketing support.
  • Access to Udemy’s comprehensive suite of resources including video hosting, payment processing, customer support, and analytics.
  • Continuous improvement facilitated by learning from other instructors and gathering student feedback and ratings.


  • Intense competition among numerous courses and instructors on Udemy may pose challenges in attracting students.
  • Creating high-quality, compliant courses necessitates significant time and effort, with periodic updates required to maintain relevance.
  • Udemy’s revenue share varies based on the student’s enrollment path, with a larger cut taken if students enroll through paid advertisements.

12. Fotolia

Fotolia, now rebranded as Adobe Stock, stands as a premier platform for photographers to monetize their craft and showcase their creativity to a global audience.

By joining as a contributor, individuals can unlock the potential to earn income through their photography skills. The process begins with creating a complimentary account and submitting a curated selection of high-quality images for review.

Critical to success on Adobe Stock is the emphasis on capturing unique and marketable images that resonate with potential buyers.

Moreover, contributors have the opportunity to engage in special assignments and contests, offering avenues to showcase their work and compete for cash prizes.

Regularly updating and diversifying one’s portfolio is instrumental in increasing visibility and attracting potential customers.

Under the Adobe Stock banner, Fotolia continues to provide photographers with a dynamic platform to showcase their talent, earn income, and participate in a vibrant creative community.

13. Dreamstime

Dreamstime emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of online stock photography, offering a lucrative avenue for photographers to transform their passion into profit.

As a photographer-centric platform, Dreamstime enables users to seamlessly upload and showcase their images for sale. With each customer purchase, photographers earn a commission, the value of which varies depending on factors like image size and popularity.

Setting itself apart, Dreamstime extends an exclusive invitation to photographers through its prestigious photographers’ program.

This program not only provides access to exclusive discounts but also unlocks additional earning opportunities, augmenting the photographer’s revenue potential and fostering a mutually beneficial partnership between creator and platform.

In essence, Dreamstime empowers photographers to not only monetize their creativity but also to thrive within a dynamic and supportive community dedicated to visual storytelling.

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