How to Get Customer ID of HDFC Bank? Find IT

Lets see what is HDFC Customer ID and how to find that, I have also mentmentioned some my personal experienced methods, from these methods you can easily find HDF Bank Customer ID.

What is the Customer ID in HDFC Bank?

Upon opening a savings account or any other account with HDFC Bank, clients receive a personalized identification number. This unique customer-specific number is instrumental, serving as a gateway to a diverse array of financial services catered to individual needs.

Each HDFC customer with a savings or current account is assigned a unique numerical identifier known as the Customer ID. Importantly, this singular Customer ID remains constant, unaffected by the presence of multiple accounts within HDFC Bank.

When engaging with HDFC online banking, your designated number takes centre stage as the crucial user ID. During the initial login, users are empowered to opt for a new user ID of their choice. Serving as the required username for both registration and subsequent logins, the customer ID plays a pivotal role in the HDFC online banking framework. Importantly, users retain the flexibility post-login to modify and set their own user ID.

Why Customer ID in HDFC Bank is Important?

To avail of HDFC banking services such as fund transfers, mini statements, and account balance checks, customers must initiate their journey through the HDFC banking website.

Logging in to the HDFC net banking portal mandates the provision of essential details, namely the User ID and PIN, or in the alternative, the Customer ID and password. These authentication credentials act as the key to unlocking a plethora of online banking features, ensuring seamless and secure access to banking functionalities.

How to get the Customer ID of HDFC Bank (8 Methods)

1. Find HDFC Customer ID through Net Banking

Step 1: Navigate to the HDFC online banking sign-in page by visiting

Step 2: Select the option “Forgot Customer ID” to initiate the process of resetting your customer ID.

Step 3: Enter your currently active and verified mobile phone number when prompted.

Step 4: Provide essential information, including your date of birth, PAN card number, captcha answer, and the country code (91) to verify your identity and facilitate the continuation of the process. Submit the required information to proceed with the customer ID reset.

Step 5: A unique one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Input the OTP to advance further in the process.

Step 6: Subsequently, the portal will display your customer ID once more.

Step 7: Non-resident (NR) customers should utilize their Date of Birth to retrieve their Customer ID particulars.

Step 8: For an authorized signatory of a firm, company, trust, or other non-individual entities, obtaining the Customer ID can be accomplished by utilizing the PAN details of the designated individual authorized signatory.

Step 9: For the Karta of HUF, acquiring the Customer ID involves utilizing the PAN details of the HUF. It’s important to note that if there are multiple Customer IDs associated with identical details, they will not be displayed online.

Reset HDFC Bank Customer ID through Net banking

To initiate the reset of your HDFC customer ID through net banking, follow these steps:

  1. Provide your date of birth, PAN details, and the registered phone number, ensuring the accurate inclusion of the country code (+91 for Indian account holders).
  2. Input the received OTP to authenticate your identity.

It is essential to have your registered mobile number for OTP verification, along with accurate PAN and date of birth details.

2. How to get the Customer ID of HDFC Bank through the Mobile App

Step 1: Ensure that your device has mobile banking services activated.

Step 2: Commence by accessing the HDFC mobile banking app and logging into your account.

Step 3: Upon successful login, navigate to the menu and select “Your Profile” > “Personal Profile.”

Step 4: Confirm the customer ID by checking the “Profile” section within the user settings.

3. How to know HDFC Customer ID by SMS

To obtain your Customer ID on your mobile phone, send an SMS with the message “Register” followed by a space, the last 4 digits of your customer ID, another space, and finally, the last 4 digits of your account number to 7308080808.

4. Know the Customer ID of HDFC Bank through an e-Statement

The preferred mode of communication for customers is receiving email statements at their chosen email address. This is also applicable to individuals with access to PDF electronic statements. To access your customer ID promptly, simply open the corresponding email or PDF attachment.

In this approach, it is necessary to download or obtain the bank account statement. Within the account statement, the customer ID is prominently printed and clearly displayed for easy identification.

5. How to find Customer ID in HDFC through Passbook

Each account holder is provided with a bank passbook, and the Customer ID is printed on every passbook issued. Customers can retrieve their Customer ID through the passbook provided to them. For HDFC bank account holders, the Customer ID is indicated on the initial page of the passbook.

6. Know the Customer ID of HDFC through a Cheque book/Welcome Letter

For customers who have recently opened an account with HDFC Bank, a welcome letter will be dispatched. In this welcome letter, account holders can locate their Customer ID. Additionally, for customers who have applied for and are using chequebooks, the Customer ID can be identified as it is imprinted on the chequebook.

7. How to get the HDFC Bank Customer ID by Calling Customer Care

You can Know your Customer ID of HDFC by calling the customer care number- 1860 267 6161 or 1800 202 6161.

8. How to know Customer ID of HDFC by Visiting Branch

Alternatively, you have the option to retrieve your Customer ID by visiting a nearby HDFC Bank branch. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the HDFC Bank branch in person.
  2. Approach the bank staff and request your Customer ID.
  3. Complete the necessary information to obtain your Customer ID.


How many digits are there in the HDFC Customer ID?

The Customer ID consists of 9 digits, serving as a distinctive identification number for each individual holding an account with HDFC Bank.

Is it Safe to give a Customer ID?

Avoid disclosing any personal information, such as Customer ID and OTP, over the phone or through email.

What is a bank Customer ID?

The Customer ID is a unique identification code provided by the bank. It can be found in the welcome kit received upon opening an account.

Are the customer ID and Account number the same in HDFC Bank?

No, the Customer ID is an exclusive numerical identifier bestowed by the bank upon its customers. It plays a vital role, particularly in the utilization of Internet banking services.

What is the HDFC NetBanking customer care number?

Dial 1860 267 616 to reach HDFC NetBanking Customer Care.

Is customer ID and CIF the same in HDFC?

By examining their HDFC Bank statements, passbooks, or chequebooks, customers with savings or current accounts can locate their CIF number. The customer ID is commonly visible at the top of the monthly account statement, and for those using passbooks, it is conveniently situated on the initial page.

How can I know my HDFC customer ID by mobile number?

Visit the official HDFC Bank website and access your NetBanking account by entering your login credentials. In case you forget your HDFC customer ID, utilize the ‘Forgot Customer ID’ option to recover it. During this process, you will be required to input your registered mobile number, date of birth, PAN Card ID, and captcha code.

Is the customer ID and account number the same?

No, it’s important to note that the customer ID and the account number serve different purposes. While the account number uniquely identifies each account holder’s bank account, the customer ID is utilized for accessing various banking services and is not synonymous with the account number. In financial transactions, routing and account numbers play a role in indicating the origin and destination of funds, whereas customer IDs are specifically employed for customer authentication.

Where is the customer ID in the HDFC chequebook?

On the first page of the HDFC chequebook.

How to know the HDFC customer ID by SMS?

To obtain your Customer ID on your mobile phone, send an SMS with the message “Register” followed by a space, the last 4 digits of your customer ID, another space, and finally, the last 4 digits of your account number to 7308080808.

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