What is Customer ID in Canara Bank and How to Find it?

Do you know What is Canara Bank’s Customer ID and why it is important for Canara Bank customers, You will get to know here and I also share my personal and genuine methods to find Customer ID of Canara Bank.

As the third-largest bank overseen by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Canara Bank is a nationalized financial institution that offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to meet the dynamic needs of its customers across India. Many account holders find themselves in search of their Canara Bank Customer ID, a key necessity for accessing the bank’s Internet banking services.

What is the Customer ID in Canara Bank?

For users of telebanking and net banking services, the term “Customer ID” is a familiar one. This unique 11-digit number is specifically allocated to each individual with a savings or current account in Canara Bank. It is imperative to treat this customer identification number as confidential, as it is not meant for sharing with others.

This distinctive identification number can be effectively employed at the respective financial institution associated with the account. Included in the welcome package received upon the account’s creation, this code is conveniently located on the back of your chequebook. It’s worth noting that the specific format and arrangement of these values may vary between different banks.

Why is the Customer ID of Canara Bank Important?

The Customer ID holds essential value for Canara Bank, serving as a key tool in tracking transactions, order processing, and customer risk profiling. In the case of individuals holding multiple accounts within the bank, they are assigned a single Customer ID, streamlining these processes. Furthermore, the Customer ID plays a vital role in facilitating the smooth transfer of Canara Bank accounts from one branch to another.

How to Find Customer ID of Canara Bank Easy Methods

Canara Bank has implemented various convenient methods to enable customers to easily retrieve their Customer ID. Account holders can discover their unique customer IDs through the following channels:

1. Know Customer ID in Canara Bank through Net Banking

Customers without the mentioned booklets can make use of Canara Bank’s Internet banking services for a hassle-free experience in finding their Customer ID. Here’s a straightforward process to achieve this from the convenience of your home:

Step 1: Navigate to Canara Bank’s internet banking pages using your mobile, computer, or other devices.

Step 2: Input the User ID and Password provided by Canara Bank, along with the featured Captcha, to successfully log in to your bank account.

Step 3: Once logged in, the account holder can access their internet banking profile. Head to the main dashboard and locate the option for bank account statements.

Step 4: Within the bank account statements section, the account holder will promptly find their Canara Bank Customer ID, prominently featured alongside their account number on the statement.

2. Check Canara Bank Customer ID via Passbook

Many consumers may not be aware that their Canara Bank passbook copy holds valuable information, including their account customer ID. Here’s a simple guide on how to locate your customer ID on the actual copy of your bank passbook:

Examine the passbook linked to your account at Canara Bank. Navigate through the pages of the passbook that you would have received upon opening an account with Canara Bank.

The customer ID is typically printed on the passbook, offering a straightforward way to identify this essential piece of information.

For those who haven’t received their passbooks yet, a visit to the nearest Canara Bank branch is the solution. Simply request your passbook, and upon receiving it, turn to the first page. There, you’ll find a wealth of information about your account, including the crucial customer ID. This serves as a convenient and easily accessible source for account details and identification.

3. Check Canara Bank Customer ID through the Chequebook

Customers can easily locate their Canara Bank Customer ID number by referring to their Canara Bank chequebook. By following these simple steps, account holders can identify their Customer ID:

Step 1: Retrieve the Canara Bank chequebook issued to you.

Step 2: Open the initial page of your Canara Bank chequebook, where you’ll find the account holder’s Customer ID prominently displayed alongside their name, account number, and other pertinent details. This ensures a convenient and quick method for customers to access crucial information.

4. Call Customer Care and Get a Customer ID of Canara Bank

The account holder can also retrieve their Canara Bank Customer ID through the bank’s Customer Care services, designed to address a variety of customer queries. Follow these steps to obtain your Canara Bank Customer ID:

Step 1: Contact the toll-free number set by Canara Bank: 1800 425 0018. Reach out to the Customer Care service to efficiently retrieve your respective Canara Bank Customer ID.

Step 2: Once connected with the Canara Bank customer care executive, the account holder should articulate their query regarding the knowledge of their Customer ID.

Step 3: To facilitate the process, the account holder is required to verify details with the customer care executive. This includes providing information such as their account number, date of birth, registered mobile number, and name.

Step 4: Following successful verification, the account holder will promptly receive their respective Canara Bank Customer ID on their mobile via SMS. This secure and efficient method ensures that customers can swiftly access their essential identification information.

5. Know Canara Bank Customer ID through the Welcome letter

The account holder can find their Canara Bank Customer ID by consulting the welcome toolkit provided at the time of opening their account. Here’s a simple guide:

Step 1: Locate the welcome letter received from the bank.

Step 2: On the first page of the welcome letter, the account holder will find their Canara Bank Customer ID clearly presented. This method ensures a quick and straightforward way to access essential identification details.

6. Find the Canara Bank Customer ID in the Bank account Statement

If physical bank statements are unavailable, you can opt for digital solutions. Either access Internet Banking on your phone or download the Mobile Banking app. Your Customer ID will be visibly presented at the top of the statement within these digital platforms.

7. Can I Get a Canara Bank ID by SMS?

Obtaining your Canara Bank Customer ID via SMS is a straightforward process through the bank’s customer care number. After reaching out, the customer care executive will verify the account holder’s details, and upon successful confirmation, the Canara Bank Customer ID will be delivered directly to the account holder’s mobile via SMS. This method ensures a quick and secure means of accessing essential identification information.

8. How to Recover Canara Bank User ID through Net Banking

Customers can effortlessly recover their Canara Bank User ID by utilizing the “Forgot User ID” option available on the Internet banking login page. Follow the steps outlined below to initiate the recovery process:

Step 1: Access the Canara Bank Internet Banking login page.

Step 2: On the login page, identify and click on the “Forgot User ID” option.

Step 3: Navigate to a new window where you are prompted to enter your registered mobile number and customer ID.

Step 4: Once the details are correctly entered, proceed by clicking the submit button to advance in the recovery process.

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9. Get your Canara Bank Customer ID by Visiting the Bank Branch

In the absence of the specified documents or information, visiting the nearest Canara Bank branch becomes essential to retrieve your Customer ID. The bank’s manager or officials at the branch will provide assistance in locating and obtaining your unique Customer ID.


Hope you will get to know what is customer ID of Canara Bank is and how to find it by following easy and simple methods, let me know if you have any queries related to this.


How to get a Customer ID in Canara Bank without a passbook?

Customers at Canara Bank can discover their Customer ID through the bank’s customer care and internet banking services. Furthermore, account holders can also locate their Customer ID on the chequebooks issued by the bank.

Why do I need the Canara Bank customer ID?

Utilizing the Canara Bank customer ID, account holders gain access to a range of internet services provided by the bank.

What is the User ID and password in Canara Bank?

Canara Bank issues a user ID and password to its account holders, enabling them to access and utilize the internet banking services offered by the bank.

Where do I find the Canara Bank Customer ID for the Passbook?

To find your Customer ID in the physical copy of your Canara Bank passbook, begin by acquiring the passbook from the bank. Open the passbook to the first page, where you will find a range of information, including your account number, IFSC code, your name, and, of significance, your Customer ID.

Can I get the Canara Bank customer ID by Calling the Customer Care Number?

obtaining your Customer ID is just a phone call away. Dial Canara Bank’s toll-free customer care number at 1800-425-0018, where dedicated customer care executives are available around the clock. The bank has introduced a hassle-free offline calling option to assist customers in retrieving their Customer ID. Prior to making the call, ensure you have your account number at hand and place the call from the mobile number registered with your account for verification purposes.

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