Best Earning App for Students in India

I am using so many apps to earn money, I will tell the best earning app for students from experience, let which are those.

Best Earning App for Student in 2024

1. EarnKaro – Empowering students to earn up to Rs. 30,000 monthly through affiliate marketing.

Earn Karo presents itself as an enticing avenue for students seeking to harness the potential of affiliate marketing for monetary gain.

Boasting a respectable rating of 3.5/5 and boasting an impressive user base surpassing 10 lakh downloads, this application provides a straightforward pathway to generate revenue.

Through the dissemination of affiliate links linked to renowned online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Adidas, Myntra, Ajio, and others, students can accrue commissions whenever their acquaintances and relatives make purchases via these links.

The simplicity of this process renders Earn Karo an accessible and attractive option for students aiming to capitalize on their social networks. the only drawback of this app is it pays payments very late.

With the promise of earning up to Rs. 30,000 monthly, this application emerges as a standout, user-friendly resource for students delving into the realm of affiliate marketing.

2. Featurepoints – Earn rewards for surveys, referrals, and redeem for gift cards.

Free Feature Points is a cutting-edge application tailored for students seeking lucrative earning opportunities through various activities such as survey completion, scratch card usage, app testing, and online shopping.

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, FeaturePoints also provides access to its website through the app interface. With a generous payment of $5 per survey completed, the platform has paid over $6 million to its users since its inception in 2012.

Engage in Survey Activities: Earn points by actively participating in survey questionnaires and sharing your valuable opinions with us. Get rewarded for each completed survey.

Refer and Earn: Spread the word about FeaturePoints among your friends and acquaintances. Receive up to 10% of their earned points as a lifelong reward for every point they accumulate.

Redeem Rewards: Utilize your accumulated points to redeem a wide array of gift cards, including popular options like Amazon, PayPal, the App Store, Xbox, PlayStation, Starbucks, Bitcoin, and numerous others.

3. Canvera – Earn as a Photographer.

the ultimate business solution designed exclusively for Indian photography professionals. This innovative app equips photographers and videographers registered with Canvera with all the essential tools to elevate their professional photography business to new heights.

From accessing real-time business leads and job opportunities to sharing photobooks, communicating with clients, browsing the Canvera catalogue, and more—all conveniently accessible at your fingertips.

Apply for Verified Jobs: Effortlessly apply for verified jobs posted by clients in your vicinity. Enter your quote, craft a personalized message for the customer, and even opt to contact them directly. Job listings near you are regularly updated to ensure a steady stream of opportunities.

Access Real-Time Business Leads: Discover business leads tailored to your specialization, location, and fee preferences, all in real time. Choose from a selection of leads that align with your expertise and connect with potential clients directly.

Seamless Customer Communication: Clients impressed by your portfolio can reach out to you directly for work opportunities. With an intuitive interface, you can engage in real-time conversations, effortlessly manage client communications, and seamlessly convert leads into lucrative projects—all with a simple swipe.

4. Instagram – Earn as a Creator/Influencer

Instagram offers ample opportunities for monetization. As highlighted by CBInsights, it stands as a premier platform for influencers and creators to capitalize on their content and expand their follower base. Moreover, Instagram actively supports creators in monetizing their impact within the platform.

1. Collaborate with Brands: Forge partnerships with brands for sponsored posts, leveraging your influence to create and share compelling content. Whether you’re an influencer, micro-influencer, or nano-influencer, you can receive compensation, whether in the form of gifts or monetary rewards, for promoting brands or businesses.

Sponsored posts, shoutouts, and now Reels can all be avenues for showcasing sponsored content or directing followers to your website or services.

2. Get paid as Creator:

nstagram’s Live Badges feature enables fans to financially support their favorite creators during livestreams, akin to digital tips. These heart-shaped badges are purchasable in packages ranging from $0.99 to $4.99.

Additionally, Instagram offers Bonuses, a reward system for creators who achieve specific milestones on the platform. These milestones could include hosting a certain number of Live sessions, participating in IGTV Ads, or creating a designated quantity of Instagram Reels. However, it’s important to note that access to Bonus Programs is currently by invitation only. Some other methods to earn money from Instagram are:

  1. Set up an Instagram Shop
  2. Engage in Affiliate Marketing
  3. Provide Instagram Marketing Services
  4. Sell Photos, Illustrations, or Digital Files
  5. Offer Exclusive Content
  6. Implement Dropshipping
  7. Create an Instagram Feature Account.

5. Youtube – Earn as a Creator

1. Ad Revenue: Commence earning revenue through advertisements by enrolling in the YouTube Partner Program subsequent to reaching the milestone of 1,000 subscribers and accruing 4,000 hours of watch time within the preceding 12 months, or garnering 10 million Shorts views within the last 90 days.

Generally, anticipate earnings averaging around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which roughly equates to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Generate income by promoting products in your videos and sharing custom affiliate links with your audience. This method, especially effective for product reviews, allows you to earn commissions for each sale. Explore affiliate programs on platforms like ShareASale and ClickBank, or directly on brands’ websites.

3. Brand Partnerships: Collaborate with companies interested in your audience to create sponsored content or product placements. Compensation can include one-time payments, commission on sales, or receiving complimentary products/services.

4. Merchandise Sales: Increase your revenue by selling branded merchandise to your audience, leveraging your channel’s popularity and engagement.

5. Memberships: Offer exclusive perks or content to subscribers through YouTube Memberships, providing additional value and creating opportunities for recurring income.

Building a committed and engaged audience is key to maximizing your earnings potential on YouTube. While it requires dedication and patience, exploring various monetization methods can help you earn income even before reaching the 1,000-subscriber threshold.

6. Prograd – Empowering young professionals with practical financial guidance and job opportunities.

Prograd is a specialized financial education platform committed to assisting young professionals in navigating the intricate realm of personal finance.

With a focus on offering practical guidance and tangible job prospects to enhance income generation, Prograd provides a comprehensive array of resources tailored to address the distinct financial hurdles encountered by young individuals.

Whether it’s saving for their initial home purchase or acquiring knowledge on generating income remotely, the platform serves as a trusted advisor for those seeking to make sound financial choices at the onset of their careers.

7. GigIndia – Connecting businesses with freelancers for flexible part-time gigs.

GigIndia is an Indian platform connecting businesses with freelancers and individuals seeking part-time opportunities, offering short-term jobs, or ‘gigs,’ in areas such as sales, marketing, and writing.

It provides flexible job options, particularly beneficial for students and young professionals, allowing them to work according to their schedules.

Upon signing up, users can browse and select gigs aligned with their skills and interests, including tasks like social media promotion, content writing, and data entry.

Additionally, users can engage in brand promotion campaigns or marketing projects for companies, with some gigs offering referral-based earnings. Pros include flexible work arrangements and opportunities to gain diverse work experience.

However, income may vary depending on gig availability and demand, with potential drawbacks including inconsistent earnings and low-paying gigs. Earnings on GigIndia are determined by the type of job and the effort invested, with some gigs offering set payments while others are performance-based. Overall, GigIndia serves as a platform for individuals to earn supplementary income rather than a source for full-time salaries.

8. Meesho – Best earning app for students without investment.

● Empowering individuals and small businesses in India to launch online shops through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

● This student-friendly money earning app predominantly focuses on product reselling, offering a diverse range of items including clothing, household products, and beauty items.

● Users can earn through reselling Meesho’s products to their social network or followers, with profits earned by selling at a markup. Additionally, Meesho facilitates affiliate marketing, where users earn commissions by sharing product links.

● Pros include low risk, flexible working hours, and a wide product selection, while cons include earnings dependence on sales volume and competition with other resellers.

● Earnings potential varies based on individual sales skills, network, and time investment, with some users making a few thousand rupees per month while others earn substantially more.

9. Upwork – Connect with high-paying freelance jobs worldwide.

Utilize Upwork to showcase your freelance skills globally, covering writing, editing, graphic design, and programming. Seamlessly connect with clients, set your rates, secure projects, and earn money for your expertise. Upwork stands as the top choice for students to earn money online, particularly those with such skills.

Upwork serves as a freelancing platform bridging students with clients seeking a diverse range of skills. Students can offer services in writing, graphic design, programming, marketing, and more, accessing a global marketplace for freelance opportunities.

Freelance work offers the flexibility to set your own schedule, work remotely, and pursue projects aligned with your interests.

With the rising popularity of platforms like Upwork, more professionals are embracing freelancing due to its numerous advantages. One key aspect to consider is that pay rates vary across markets, allowing you to seek higher-paying freelance opportunities that match your skill level.

Top-paying freelance jobs include roles such as public relations manager, business consultant, media buyer, photographer, artificial intelligence (AI) professional, data analyst, copywriter, project manager, digital marketing consultant, editor, mobile app developer, social media manager, accountant, web designer, web developer, programmer, videographer, podcast host, and virtual assistant.

10. Freecash – Gaming app offering users a seamless path to earn rewards and cryptocurrency.

● Freecash emerges as a leading casual gaming app, garnering over 10 lakh downloads and setting itself apart with its innovative earning model.

● Through its rewards program, users can acquire gift cards and cryptocurrency, not only through gaming but also via surveys.

● With coveted rewards including Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards, Freecash offers users the potential to earn an average of $17.53 daily, with the first cash-out available in just 42 minutes and 21 seconds.

● This app seamlessly integrates gaming and earning, providing users with a dynamic and accessible avenue to accumulate rewards and cryptocurrency in an immersive gaming environment.

11. Pollpe App – Where your opinions earn you money through surveys and polls.

Pollpe offers individuals an opportunity to earn income through survey and poll participation, fostering discussions on various topics while gathering user opinions and insights.

With tailored survey invitations, participants earn actual money upon completion, facilitated by the app’s user-friendly interface.

Through engaging in surveys and polls, users not only share their perspectives but also receive tangible rewards, contributing to valuable market research endeavors. Pollpe simplifies the process of earning money by providing accessible and rewarding survey and poll participation.

Best Earning Website for Students

The advent of the internet has revolutionized the landscape of earning opportunities, empowering individuals to generate income conveniently from their homes. The traditional constraints on supplementary earnings have been shattered, replaced by a diverse array of online platforms tailored to accommodate various skills and interests.

Whether one possesses proficiency in writing, graphic design, programming, or seeks to capitalize on spare time for additional income, the digital sphere offers avenues for flexible revenue streams.

These online platforms facilitate a spectrum of activities, ranging from freelancing specialized skills to conducting virtual tutoring sessions. Furthermore, they enable individuals to cultivate audiences and monetize their creations, whether it be through selling handcrafted goods or leveraging content creation skills.

The potential for financial independence and the realization of passions beckons within the expansive realm of online earning opportunities.


From my experience these are the best earning apps for students to date, To earn money from these apps you just have to learn how these apps work and pay their users. Before downloading any earning app online you should be aware and do your research like see the app reviews on the Play Store, etc.

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