Bank of Baroda Mobile Number Change/Update Online?

Today I will let you know the best ways to change or update the mobile number of Bank of Baroda. I will give you the step-by-step process of how you can change the Bank of Baroda mobile number easily online.

With its headquarters in Vadodara, the Bank of Baroda is recognized as the second-largest public sector bank in India, boasting an extensive network of over 6000 branches and 11000 ATMs worldwide. Catering to a variety of services both online and offline, customers can effortlessly manage their banking affairs with just a few clicks.

In compliance with the latest RBI regulations, it is a mandatory requirement for all Bank of Baroda customers to register their mobile numbers with their BOB accounts to avail of Internet banking and mobile banking facilities.

Keeping your bank account’s mobile number up to date is a wise practice. Nevertheless, situations like a lost or changed mobile number may require an update.

For BOB customers, the positive news is that there’s no need to visit the nearest branch and wait in a queue to update your mobile number.

Change Bank of Baroda Mobile Number Offline Methods

Requirements for Bank of Baroda Phone Number Change Offline

● Your Bank of Baroda Passbook: Keep your Bank of Baroda passbook ready.

● Your ID Proof: Provide a valid ID proof such as Aadhaar or PAN Card.

● Address Proof: Alongside your ID proof, present an address proof such as an Aadhaar Card.

● Two Passport-Size Photographs: Include two recent passport-size photographs with your application. This is a standard requirement for updating contact information.

1. Change BOB Mobile Number through the Bank Branch

Step 1: Visit Your Home Branch:

Make your way to the Bank of Baroda home branch where your account is held. Ensure to carry necessary documents, including a copy of your Proof of Address (e.g., the latest Telephone Bill, Aadhaar Card, Passport), along with proof of identity.

Step 2: KYC Details Change Form:

Arrange a meeting with the Relationship Manager or a Bank Executive to request the ‘KYC Details Change Form,’ which is essential for updating your registered mobile number.

Step 3: Fill Out the KYC Details Change Form:

Carefully fill out the KYC Details Change Form. Furnish your bank details (account number, account holder’s name, type of account, etc.), and explicitly specify the desired change (in this instance, updating the registered mobile number). Enter your new mobile number in the designated space and sign where necessary.

Step 4: Submit the Form and Documents:

Submit the properly filled KYC Details Change Form along with your Proof of Address and Proof of Identity (if requested) to the Bank Executive.

Step 5: Confirmation of Your Request::

Following a thorough examination of your form and details by the Bank Executive, if all is in order, you will be issued a confirmation of your request.

Step 6: Processing Your Request:

Following validation, Bank of Baroda will initiate the update of your registered mobile number in both your account and their records.

Step 7: Verification Notification:

Anticipate receiving a notification from Bank of Baroda confirming the change, either through an SMS to your new mobile number or via email, within a few hours. If you do not receive any notification, contact your branch to ensure the processing of the requested changes.

2. BOB Mobile Number Change through ATM Machine

Bank of Baroda Mobile Number Change through ATM Machine

● Head to the nearest Bank of Baroda ATM and insert your debit card, followed by entering your 4-digit PIN.

● Opt for the ‘Mobile Number Registration’ option if you are registering a new mobile number. If updating your existing number, choose ‘Update Mobile Number.’

● Input the new mobile number and press the submit button.

● Upon the initiation of the process, an OTP (One-Time Password) will be dispatched to your old registered mobile number. Input this OTP and proceed by clicking on submit.

● Congratulations! The update to your mobile number in your Bank of Baroda account is successful. Furthermore, you will receive a confirmation message on your newly registered number.

Bank of Baroda Mobile Number Change Online Methods

1. Change Bank of Baroda Mobile Number through Net Banking

Bank of Baroda Mobile Number Change through Net Banking

● Navigate to the Bank of Baroda website at and locate the “Login” tab situated in the top right corner.

● From the drop-down menu, choose “Bob World Internet (Net Banking) India.” Proceed to log in using your User ID and Password.

● Once successfully logged in, access the “Requests” tab from the top menu and opt for “Update Mobile Number” among the available options.

● Navigate to the designated page and enter your new mobile number. Confirm the accuracy by typing it again in the provided fields.

● Verify the entered mobile number and proceed by clicking the “Submit” button.

● Once submitted, anticipate the reception of a One-Time Password (OTP) on your newly updated mobile number. Enter the OTP into the specified field and proceed by clicking “Submit.”

● The BOB bank account system will promptly reflect the update of your mobile number. A confirmation message will appear on the screen and will be sent to your recently updated mobile number.

Change Mobile Number through SMS

Effortlessly updating your registered mobile number with the Bank of Baroda is made simple with various available methods. One convenient option is the SMS method. To modify your mobile number at Bank of Baroda through SMS, follow these straightforward steps.

  1. Launch your messaging app.
  2. Compose a message following this format: CHANGE MOBILE <customer ID> <new mobile number>.
  3. Send the SMS to 8422009988, the designated Bank of Baroda SMS banking number.
  4. Upon sending, await a confirmation message from the bank.
  5. Your revised mobile number will be activated within 24 hours.

Bank of Baroda mobile number change form (PDF) Online?

Streamlining the process of changing your registered mobile number with the Bank of Baroda involves a straightforward approach of downloading and filling out the designated form. This efficient method allows you to save time and seamlessly submit the completed form directly to your base branch. Click the button below to initiate the form download.

Why Should You Update Your Registered Mobile Number with Bank Of Baroda?

  1. Keep yourself informed with Bank of Baroda! Get real-time SMS alerts for each transaction in your account.
  2. Simplify your banking experience with the convenience of Internet Banking – effortlessly manage your accounts online.
  3. Access SMS banking or phone banking effortlessly using just your registered mobile number.
  4. Never overlook crucial updates! Foster seamless communication with the Bank of Baroda for all important matters.


How to change your mobile number in the Bank of Baroda?

● In-Person Visit: Head to the nearest Bank of Baroda branch for a swift mobile number update.
ATM Convenience: Update your mobile number hassle-free at any Bank of Baroda ATM.
Net Banking Ease: Seamlessly update your mobile number through the intuitive net banking platform.
SMS Banking: Swiftly make changes using the SMS banking service.

How to change Bank of Baroda Mobile Number through SMS?

Send the SMS to 8422009988, the Bank of Baroda SMS banking number. For a detailed guide, refer to the article above.

What is the Bank of Baroda Enquiry Missed Call Number?

The Bank of Baroda Enquiry Missed Call Number is 8468001111.

How can I get the Bob Mini Statement by Missed call?

Retrieve details of your recent Bank of Baroda transactions effortlessly by dialing 8468001122 from your registered mobile number. Don’t be concerned if the call disconnects automatically – it’s a feature of our missed call service. Soon after, you’ll receive a text message providing the details of your last 5 transactions.

Can I change mobile number in Bank of Baroda ATM?

Certainly! You can update your BOB mobile number easily at a BOB ATM. Just follow these simple steps:
● Visit any BOB ATM with your BOB Debit card.
● Insert your card into the ATM.
● Look for the option that says “Mobile no update” and select it.
● Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.


So these are the Methods you can follow if you want to change or update your mobile number in Bank of Baroda, first, try net banking, and SMS banking if you are enabled then you can also use an ATM Machine or visit to bank branch.

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