What is User ID & Customer ID Bank of Baroda? How to Find it

Unlocking the mysteries of User ID and Customer ID with Bank of Baroda is crucial for seamless and secure banking. This article provides a comprehensive guide on understanding and locating your User ID and Customer ID. Discover the significance of User ID in Bank of Baroda and learn various methods to find it.

Bank of Baroda stands as a prominent international bank, holding the second-largest position in the Indian financial landscape. With an extensive clientele encompassing both retail and corporate sectors across numerous countries, the bank is a significant player in the realm of financial services. Under the umbrella of ‘BarodaConnect,’ the bank’s internet banking section has historically offered a diverse range of products and services

What is User ID in Bank of Baroda

A user ID is a unique identifier allocated to individual customers, facilitating access to online banking or mobile banking services. Similar to other banks, Bank of Baroda extends net banking services to its customers. To avail of these services, individuals are required to register for Bank of Baroda’s net banking platform and create a personalized User ID and login password.

My understanding of this term was enhanced when I opened an account at the Bank of Baroda and received detailed information from the bank officials. This unique identification and authentication process is essential for accessing one’s BOB net banking account.

How to find User ID bank of baroda Online?

To retrieve your Bank of Baroda User ID online, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the official BoB website.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Retail User’ section.

Step 3: Choose ‘Don’t Know User ID’ and click ‘Click Here.’

Step 4: Input your account number, registered phone number, and email.

Step 5: Proceed by clicking ‘Continue.’

Step 6: Enter the OTP received.

Step 7: Retrieve your User ID from the confirmation sent to your registered email and mobile number.

What is Customer ID of Bank of Baroda?

The Customer ID or CIF number assigned by Bank of Baroda functions as a singular and unique identifier for every customer. Bank of Baroda provides every Savings Account or Current Account holder with a Customer ID or Customer Information File (CIF) number. This numerical identifier is unique to each account holder, offering a personalized and distinct reference for customer information.

How to find Bank of Baroda Customer ID number?

1. Know Bank of Baroda Customer ID through Mobile App

To access your Bank of Baroda CIF or Customer ID, log in to Bank of Baroda M connect mobile banking app and navigate to ‘My Accounts – View’ in the account details section.

2. Know Bank of Baroda Customer ID through SMS

To obtain your customer ID via SMS, send a text message from your bank-registered mobile number with the content “CUST” to 8422009988. Following this, you will receive your customer ID through SMS.

3. Find Bank of Baroda Customer ID in e-Statement

If you receive an email statement at your registered email address, your customer ID can be found within the document. Open the email statement file and refer to the account details section to locate your customer ID.

Your BOB Customer ID is provided in your bank statement. Obtain your bank statement by either applying online through net banking or by visiting the bank branch in person.

4. Find Bank of Baroda Customer ID in Passbook

Another method to locate your customer ID is by checking your BOB passbook. Simply open the front page of your passbook where your account details are printed, and you’ll find your customer ID there.

Your Bank passbook contains all essential details related to your Bank account, including your Customer ID of Bank of Baroda. To find your Bank customer ID, be sure to check your Bank passbook.

5. Find Customer ID Bank of Baroda in Bank’s Documents

If you hold documents pertaining to your Bank account, like a welcome letter or account opening documents, your BOB Customer ID might be indicated in these records. To obtain your Customer ID, consider reaching out to your Bank branch and communicating with the relevant banking staff.

This approach allows you to effortlessly retrieve your Bank of Baroda Customer ID using the mentioned methods.


What is the difference between Bank o Baroda net banking user ID and customer ID?

The user ID for Bank of Baroda net banking serves as the gateway to access the BOB net banking platform. When enrolling for Bank of Baroda internet banking, the process involves creating a unique username and password. Distinct from this, the Bank of Baroda customer ID acts as an individualized customer identification number.

Where is User ID in Bank of baroda passbook?

All vital information concerning your Bank account, including your Bank of Baroda Customer ID, is available in your bank passbook. Ensure to review your Bank passbook to locate your customer ID.

How to find user id in bob?

You can find user id in bob through mobile banking, SMS banking, Passbook, etc.

Bank of baroda cif number?

Bank of baroda cif number is the same number which is the customer ID. Both Bob customer ID or Bob CIF is same.

Where is user id in bank of baroda passbook?

You can find in the first page of the bob passbook.

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